your animal -your mirror - your soul mate

Welcome to my website. I am happy you found me.


The energetic treatment activates the self healing power and is the perfect addition to conventional medicin.

It does not replace the vet.


Energy follows thoughts, that means I can treat your animal or even you from my home. Energetic healing dissolves blockades and activates the self healing process. With the amazing technique of the Koerbler symbols I not only work on the physical, but also on the emotional and mental level, 


After a  detailed  resonance testing I will decide which one of the five elements and/or organsystem I will treat. By treating the meridians, the energy flow will be harmonised again.


If your animal is already sick,  this method will bring much relief.


One of my biggest matter of concern is to mention that you please keep in mind that also your dear pet will get older. A lot of people forget that also animals get arthrosis, dementia, etc. They slow down on their daily walks, need more sleep and play less. For some owners  this comes as a surprise and they are completely overwhelmed. 


Please get in touch with me if I can help or if you have any questions.