Growing up in  Zurich, Switzerland, with a dad working for Swissair one of my biggest passions has always been travelling and to explore the world. I used to live in San Diego in the mid 90s and will always treasure  that time. Besides the US I visit Phuket once a year, where I work as a volunteer for The Soi Dog Foundation. I have been working for a foreign bank for over 20 years.


To work with animals has always been my biggest dream. Because of Senior Cat Lord, who was found on the streets of Zurich and came into my life pretty much by accident, I started to take classes in different alternative healing and energy classes. I wanted to be able to give him the best care he possibly deserved.  At the  end he was blind and about 20 years old. He peacefully died in my arms.


It all begun  with animal communication, Color Therapy  and Bach Flowers. As I saw the amazing results I wanted to learn more. I took classes in Pranic Healing and the Koerbler Method, also called healing with symbols.


In May 2015 I started a 2 year education in shiatsu for animals.


In July 2019 I finished groomer classes


In March 2022 I finished classes to take care of max 19 dogs and cats