Tips to help your animal go over the Rainbow Bridge

The differente phases of the dying process:

  • Your animal needs more rest, sleeps unusualy much, wants to be on its own and is not taking part of its common life anymore as it used to. 
  • Your animal seems to get weeker and more restless
  • Your animal seems to be absent and watching thru you
  • Your animals fur and external appearance seems to change and looks different
  • Your animal has no appetite and is not drinking water anymore
  • Your animal seems to be freezing, its energy is falling 
  • Your animals breath is changing, flat and short breathing, mouth is open
  • Possebilty of  spasm: Have your animal lie on a comfortably place and help it go thru this process. Stay calm. It's soul has already been uncoupled before. Please don't replace/move your animal
  • Your animal is no longer able to hold urine and excrement
  • Your animal can not stand up. Please choose a comfy place and dont replace/move your animal
  • Very important note: Has your animal gone over the Rainbow Bridge don't move it for another 1- 2 hours. This is also important for all other animals in your household to say goodbye

How you can help: 

  • Colorlight: The violet light helps to let go
  • Bachflower Rescue Remedy drops
  • Aura Soma room spray
  • OM Cd from Master Cho Kok Sui. Will generate a pure, peaceful and energetic power in your room